LG Plasma Televisions

So you want it Big! Well your in the right place, plasma screens use the latest technology for big screen entertainment. You no longer need that bulky television in the corner of the room, you can hang a plasma up on your wall like a picture! With a high definition picture and surround sound you'll be able to experience your movies at home like never before. You can compare prices for Plasma Televisions here!
Below are price comparisons and reviews on Plasma Televisions for you to browse!
  • Something to look for is the Contrast Ratio - This is basically how black the blacks are and how white the whites are. A good ratio is 3000:1.
  • Plasma televisions are actually cheaper than standard televisions, a 42 inch CRT would cost more to buy than the same sized plasma screen!
  • A myth that we can bust is that you don't need to get your plasma screen re-gassed. Infact you can't get it re-gassed, it's a sealed unit.
  • Plasmas also offer better brightness and contrast to most LCD televisions.
  • The engine that drives the screen is very important, look for something like a XD engine, this means it processes the image to improve the quality for the screen.
  • Plasma screens are not a new invention, the first was actually built in 1964 at the University of Illinois.
  • Plasma screens have a better viewing angle than large screen LCD screen, and also are currently better at colour reproduction.